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Proof, Skinwalkers Or Shapeshifters Do Exist!!!

Posted by Web Master on June 28, 2013 at 4:50 PM

Skinwalkers Of North Carolina A True Story

Skinwalkers Of North Carolina , A True Story


In western North Carolina there are all kinds of strange and unusual stories and legends of beings living there that most people will tell you don't exist. Mainly what we are going to be taking a look at here is skin walkers. In case you don't know a skin-walker is a human that is able to change from a human to a creature. And right about know I know your probably saying yea right.


But over the years something or someone has lived in the woods of Golden Valley North Carolina and it has not been that many years ago that there were many reported sightings of a human like creature with long finger nails and canine like teeth. The body of the creature reported was said to have long black hair growing on it and the creature was reported as having attacked many farm animals in the area. Some people claimed to have seen the creature stand up on its hind legs and it was reported that the creature or creatures were at or near seven feet tall or taller. There were many reports of the creature being seen and though some people said they got a good shot at it that either they missed it or the creature wasn't harmed by the bullet.


What was the creature or creatures has never been discovered. One story that has been told over and over is that the state brought in a hunter to try to kill the creature and that the state hunter used dogs to chase the creature several times in the Golden Valley North Carolina area but then one day the state hunter packed up his dogs and left the area. The story that went around was that the state hunter had got spooked and refused to hunt the creature or creatures any longer.


The story told was that the state hunter used his dogs to chase the creature out onto a sandbar on a local river. The story goes on that the creature looked like a cross between a man and a big wolf and that when the creature ran out onto the sandbar while being chased by the state hunters dogs and the hunter that it changed from a giant wolf like creature that ran on its hind legs into a big naked man and then the naked man jumped into the river and swam away. The state hunter who was a part American Indian man from South Carolina told the local authorities what he had seen and also told them he and his dogs were going home to South Carolina. That he was done. The local authorities said the hunter was crazy but other people over the years had seen something similar so just maybe the hunter saw what he claimed.

The Vampire Beast Of North Carolina

A similar beast has been stalking and killing animals all over North Carolina for a number of years. What is the Vampire Beast of North Carolina? Could it possibly be a skin walker. CLICK HERE to read the story of the Vampire Beast Of North Carolina.

What Was Once Stalking The Woods Of Western North Carolina? Is it still there today?

Do Skin Walkers Live In North Carolina


Many people even recently have told of seeing a strange creature in North Carolina that walks up right on two feet and has the body of a man and the head and features of a wolf. Some people have claimed that the beings or creatures being seen are werewolf's or wolf men while other people make the claim that what is being seen is a skin walker. Which is a creature that is human most of the time but on certain nights of the year maybe on the full of the moon the human turns into a seven foot tall man / wolf creature that preys on deer and peoples live stock.


A couple of years ago a deer hunter in the area of Vein Mountain North Carolina says that he had killed and field dressed a doe deer and had just placed the deer onto the back of his truck when two of the skin walker creatures shoved him out of the way and took his deer and ran off into the woods with it. He said that he did not attempt a shot with his bow at the creatures and that he did not intend to hunt in the area again. He said that it was one of the strangest things he had ever seen and he also made the request that his name not be revealed.


Other deer hunters in the area say that while they have not had a deer taken from them that they have seen the strange creatures and for the most part have not returned to the woods after seeing the strange skin walker creatures.


Over the years during the time from 1900 to the 1950's before modern funeral homes and burials people in the area told tales of graves of newly buried people being dug open and quite often the recently deceased persons had been eaten on and some were missing parts. People at the time had called the creatures doing this grave robbers but they had described beings that looked like skin walkers or wolf men. Reports of graves being dug open was reported all over western North Carolina and quite often armed guards and dogs would patrol graveyards at night where recent burials had took place. After people started using the modern funeral homes the tales of the grave robbers or skin walkers gradually died off.


And it was not until in recent years that people began to tell the stories of the strange wolf man like creatures that were once again being seen in western North Carolina. Why did the stories stop for so many years only to start up once again. Where were the skin walkers for all those years that they were not being reported.


What do you think of Skin Walkers? Do they exist? If not what are people seeing in the back woods of western North Carolina? Is it possible that skin walkers really do exist. Its a scary thought isn't it.


Please post your comments or questions below now. Plainly derogatory or negative comments will not be approved. I truly believe in the paranormal and I would like people who are like minded to post their comments and questions now below.

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