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The Vampire Beast Of North Carolina

Posted by Web Master on June 28, 2013 at 4:55 PM


The Vampire Beast Of NC

The Vampire Beast Of North Carolina


What is it and where did it come from. No one knows for sure. And why did it kill and drain animals of blood in 1953 and then disappear until 2003 when it made its return and went back to killing animals and draining them of blood in the Bladenboro area of North Carolina.


Bladenboro is located at the southeastern corner of the Piedmont of North Carolina and the small town is surrounded by Pine Woods and Swamps. Bladenboro was also the scene of the greatest Monster story ever in NC, In 1953 something was killing dogs in the area and the really strange thing was that when the dogs bodies were found they were drained of blood. Some residents claimed they saw a really strange beast with the body of a bear and the head of a cat. And they said it screamed just like a woman.


After the story appeared in the Bladenboro Newspaper around Christmas of 1953 hunters came from as far away as Arizona to try to get a shot at the beast. But even though the hunters brought whole packs of blood hounds trained to track anything nothing was ever found. And the people of the area slowly forgot about the Vampire Beast of Bladenboro.


But then in 2003 it was back. Goats and dogs started showing up again dead with very few marks on them. Again the really strange thing was the fact that even though the animals had been killed there was no blood around the dead animals or in the dead animals. And people in the area quickly came to the conclusion that the Vampire Beast of North Carolina had returned. And return it had. Only this time it was killing animals in a 120 mile radius of Bladenboro and this time no one has seen it.


But people are finding tracks that not even experienced wild life biologists can explain. They say it is the strangest most unusual tracks they have ever seen and they can't say what it is. They do say it appears to be killing just to kill even though in almost every case the animal's blood is gone.


And one thing it has done this time it did not do back in 1953 is it has killed dogs chained on chains in people's yards. It has even killed Pitt Bulls while their owners slept in the house a few yards away. People just can't figure out how it walks up to a Pitt Bull and drains it of blood with the dog putting up no fight. How could it be doing this.


It has the people of Bladenboro on edge and people are watching their children closely. Scout Troops have canceled camping trips in the area because they fear what the Vampire Beast might do if it had the chance.


Recently in May and June of 2013 something is once again killing animals in the area and draining them of blood but no one can say what it is.


Local veterinarians say that the animals are killed by puncture wounds in their necks and they are almost always drained of blood. There is no animal in North Carolina that can do this. At least not one that we know of said one vet.

Did the Vampire Beast Of North Carolina Kill These Animals

Something is killing ponies and other animals near Bladenboro N.C. and it is draining the animals of blood. No other damage is done to the animals. What is doing this. It appears to be the North Carolina Vampire Beast.

Bladenboro Vampire Beast Returns

Last Saturday which was the 15th of June, 2013 I received a phone call from a Misty Turner of Bladenboro North Carolina. She was upset because something had killed three horses and a large Bull Mastiff dog that belonged to her. The three horses were killed on Thursday morning sometime before daylight and the dog was killed late on Thursday night.


Misty's son Taylor found the three horses dead when he went to check on them after he heard their large Bull Mastiff dog barking in the area where the horses pasture is located. When he arrived on his four wheeler the lights of his four wheeler revealed three dead horses laying on the ground. The large dog was outside the pasture barking towards a area of dense undergrowth. He went and got his rifle and his mom Misty and she called the local police. After they inspected the horses they found only puncture wounds in the necks of the horses and there was very little blood. They said the horses were really wet with foamy sweat on them like they had been rode hard for miles. When the local sheriff arrived he called out a local veterinarian who examined the horses and said the horses had deep puncture wounds in their necks and that apparently the horses had been drained of blood. Neither the sheriff nor the vet could explain what type of animal had killed the three horses.


After being at the farm for two hours the sheriff and the vet left. The family used a tractor to move the horses to a deep ditch and buried them. And that should have been all of it but it wasn't. At just after 11 PM on Thursday night June 15th 2013 Misty heard a moaning sound coming from outside the backdoor of the house. When she turned on the lights her large Bull Mastiff dog was laying there and she said the dog died as she rubbed its head and tried to look at it. She called the sheriff again but she said he was not a lot of help. He told her that he had been asleep and that dead animals were not really his job. She said he came out but wasn't a lot of help.


She said when she turned on the light she saw a large creature that looked like the animal in the top photo above run from her dog. She called me hoping I could tell her what the animal is. I could not but I am continuing to work on trying to find out.


The Vampire Beast Of North Carolina , What Is It And Where Did It Come From.

The Vampire Beast Of North Carolina , What Is It And Where Did It Come From.

What ever the Vampire Beast is it can approach large Pitt Bull Dogs and kill and drain them of blood with out making a sound.


There must be more than one of the Vampire Beasts because it has made kills 100 miles apart on the same night.


It apparently killed a Pony just outside of Lincolnton NC so it is killing in a much bigger area than it did back in 1953. It started back killing in 2003 and it has not stoped yet. Why did it not kill from 1953 to 2003. Biologists have studied animals it has killed recently and they have no answers. It kills the animals apparently by smothering them and then it drains their blood. One strange thing is that other predators that usually eat dead animals won't touch one of the Vampire Beasts kills. Tracking Dogs brought to animals killed by the Vampire Beast have refused to approach the dead animals or attempt to track it. What are they so afraid of.


Police are often called by people in the Bladenboro area when people hear a woman screaming over and over but no woman is ever found. It is the Vampire Beast they are hearing doing the screaming is the only answer.

So What Is The Vampire Beast Of NC. Why Not Post Your Comment Below.

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