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Mauritius Paranormal Investigators Society

Mauritius Paranormal Investigators Society & Mauritius Paranomal Investigators Research Club


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The Mauritius Paranormal Investigators Society .

The Mauritius Paranormal Investigators Society was set up with the aim of helping people to understand all areas of Paranormal Activity. We conduct all of our research and investigations in a purely scientific manner. Looking for the logical explanations for what may or may not be occurring. Whilst we investigate Public / Private areas, we also investigate private homes, when people come to us looking for help. In a lot of these cases we can find the logical explanations for what may be happening.

We offer all of our help completely free and every member of our team is considerate and understands the importance of confidentiality. Our main aim is to prove or disprove the claims which we receive. 


This chat room is intended for all ages, any misconduct or inappropriate language or behavior, and your friends will need an EMF meter OR ask for an investigation to contact you from the other side! 
















Mauritius Zip Code

Mauritius is a small in the Indian Ocean,yet people in the island don`t know its Zip Code.Well it`s not their fault at all,because it`s small zip code is not needed,only when doing internet transactions buying and selling goods...

Well in the picture below is the zip code of Mauritius...




MPIS Team Support Unit

Founder,President and Investigation Leader

 Shesh ,prashant

Photographer and Investigator






Technical Support



Camera Support




Information Collector Officer

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We are listed at the www.topparanormalsites.com website. Click here to vote for us.. Thank you :-)



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 Email Address 


Team Members :

Paul : paul.mpis@hotmail.com

Prashant : prashant.mpis@hotmail.com

Shesh : shesh.mpis@hotmail.com

Ritesh : ritesh.mpis@hotmail.com

Irfaan: irfaan22i@hotmail.com






What do we do ?

We investigate private individuals home or property , and paranormal places and conclude if it is haunted or not , we use our High tech equipments and knowledge in the field , ALL of our services are free 

we are a group of people who love the world of paranormal , we are based in mauritius and are highly knowledgeable in the paranormal field . In no way shall we be compared to "longanist" :> blackmagic practioners , mauritian people are not so familiar with paranormal investigators so they sometimes tink we are "longanist"

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